AWS or self hosted database?

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  1. Hey guys. Looking into the feature, what is better to use for a network of servers for database? Hosted sql database in the same datacenter as all of your servers are hosted at or amazons web services? And also, there are huge amounts of aws databases types and plans, if you will suggest to use aws then which plan & database?
  2. Just get a cheap VPS and install MySQL on it.
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  3. So much supporting details, so much information, not like I would've done this with lest loaded dedicated server. Thank you so much for the value added to the thread.
    But seriously, get some supporting details.
    Also, storing database on vds is the dumbest thing I've heard. It's a vps, someone with right set of skills can kill anything on it if he owns a part of it.
  4. You don't have to be an asshole about it. AWS is virtual drives too you know. If are SO concerned about VMs then just get a dedi.
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  5. I'm not being an asshole, you just made a statement without any arguments :p and AWS does run on shared hosting but you are not allowed to do anything on them bust store information in database. And It was my first question, gettig a dedicated seever for database or AWS and still no arguments here.
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  6. Self host it, latency will kill your server
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  7. Same datacenter or - even better - same machine. You don't want your data going over the 'Net.
  8. I don't think that one dedi even with four intel xenons will hold a network ;)
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    Depends does said network have 50 players or 500?

    Always best to host SQL locally, or over internal network if possible. No point in adding 20ms+ latency to the database server.
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  10. In your opinion, what do the large networks such as hypixel do? Do they host a local database at their location or they use some other services?
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    I'm sure they use a central server for SQL or have it balanced across different systems worth hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind they have 20,000 players...? I doubt SQL should be your worry.
  12. Cloud hosted DBs are for very specialized cases and are generally used as an archive rather than one that is being queried all the time. You'll definitely want to host it yourself on the machine running the game server or a separate machine in the same datacenter.
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  13. I suggest you try to keep everything on the one server. I had servers spread over multiple machines and we we're using thousands of gigabytes of bandwidth per day. There's also the latency issues said above by others.
  14. AWS pro's:
    - No setup
    - No maintenance
    - Out of the box HA (no downtime) and data replication
    - Little cost on low usage (especially with dynamodb)
    - RDS is really expensive (I'd only recommend dynamodb)
    - High cost due to traffic billing (0.09USD/GB out), this is our main cost with our dynamodb/s3 services
    - Higher latency: you won't be hosting your server on AWS so expect some latency, this can be an issue (and is one for some of our services, for others it's no problem at all)
    - DynamoDB's API is quite limited compared to MongoDB (Though if you're using this for SQL, it's no problem)
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