/back command permission issues

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  1. I have EssentialsX, along with UltraPermissions and other plugins on my server. I have both permission nodes 'essentials.back' and 'essentials.back.ondeath' selected for the default group on my server, yet when trying to do /back I get the error message in chat:

    "Error: You do not have the essentials.back.into.-1389161317 permission."

    Does anyone know this issue? Any help is appreciated.
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  2. try add permission essentials.back.* or essentials.back.into.*
  3. Try making sure that your 'world-teleport-permissions' is false in the Essentials config.
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  4. I already had the "essentials.back" permission node selected, and for some reason there isn't even an "essentials.back.into" permission node to select. That was my original thought on how to fix this, but confused as to why it's not there.
  5. There are two 'world-teleport-permissions' in the essentials config, both of which were already set to false by default.