Bungee - Spigot BackToLobby 1.1

Teleports you back to Lobbyserver.

  1. GeneralNelll submitted a new resource:

    BackToLobby - Teleports you back to Lobbyserver.

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  2. Suggestions to make this like a pro:-D

    In-game command:

    1. In-game safe exit with or without gui selector (Customized size, id, item name, and lore) that can directly navigate or teleport you to a different bungeecord servers or main servers as an additional command to your existing fallback command back to main server hub/ lobby.
  3. use chestcommand as addiction to this, problem solved :)
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  4. Hey, your plugin dosen't work on my bungeecord :( Please check out this error:

    PS: I use the 1.8.6 bungeecord version
  5. Its great for what it does, but does it teleport the player back to hub if the server closses ?
  6. Any chance of you updating the config file to include an ability to exclude certain commands? One of your commands is /l (for lobby or leave, I know), but many chat plugin