Backup proxy and other nice features

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  1. Some time ago, we had a discussion about having a backup proxy when the proxy is down.

    I have just found a very affordable DNS service which provides GeoDNS so its possible to point a DNS record to different servers depending on where the query originates from and if the target server is online or not.
    Problem solved!

    I have litteraly started testing 5 minutes go, but im so exited i wanted to share this with you :)
    And listprice is like 15 USD per 1.000.000 queries, so should be quite affordable. Plus a 0.05 usd/day/target for healthchecks.

    Anyone already gone don this Route and can share his finings nd experience?
  2. Gonna bump this because it looks interesting/intrigued about your experience.
  3. I didn't feel there was any interest in this subject, so didn't care to report back. But as you are asking. :)

    I've been a bit busy and not been able to perform all tests I would like to yet.
    But so far;

    Conclusion, it's not as cheap as one might first think.
    First of all, to be able to use the service you will (obviously) have to use their DNS Servers, so you have to move all the zones to be hosted there. That's no problem and works very well.

    1 million DNS Queries for 15 USD might sound like you get a lot, but so far I've used up 102509 queries. And that's for a server thats been very inactive. So, I can assume a big server would use their queries in a day.
    So, just based on that, I'm going to look at other providers of the same kind of services. Or talk with them about negotiating another price. It might be possible to adjust the TTL to a lot higher, to reduce the number of queries, but you will then get a slower failover in case the Proxy dies.

    Speaking about Backup Proxy. So, you can put 2 or more servers with the same name, like and mark the other one(s) as Standby Servers so they will be used if the primary goes down.
    To get that to work, you have to use "Health Checks". A health check is run every X second or minute, to verify the server is responding. It's unfortunately not possible to specify a port anywhere, just HTTP, Telnet, Ping and some more.
    That means, you will have to use some other service on the host to query if the host is alive. BUT, it will not check if Bungee is actually answering.
    It might be possible to specify port somehow, though I've not been able to find one.

    Also, each Health Check uses credits from your balance.
    And if you choose to send alerts via Mail and/or SMS, in case a service is not responding, that also costs credits.

    I've not tried the GeoDNS Functions yet. Which makes it possible to direct EU players to a EU Proxy and US players to a US Proxy, with the same address.

    So, technically, it's a decent service. It got a fast management interface, quite easy to use and understand.
    Though, I think it's way too expensive and I will not be able to afford using it in the long run.

    I can recommend you to try it out. It takes a minute to register, and you get some free credits + 15 USD will give you another milltion credits to use and play around with.
  4. I should have done better research before trying out Edgedirector. It seems that this service would be cheaper;

    It looks like it costs $9.95 for 5 million queries. Plus $2 per million additional queries.