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  1. My friend and I keep getting disconnected with this issue:
    Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: Badly compressed packet - size of 2290891 is larger than protocol maximum of 2097152. My friend says it happens usually when he changes his walk speed to 10 using /speed 10 (Essentials command) and starts walking. It usually kicks him everytime he rejoins until about 3 - 4 times then it stops kicking. It happens at different times during different actions so I'm not sure if taking out plugins and putting back in is a good idea.

    Plugins (43): CoreProtect, LuckPerms, TimTheEnchanter, MassSay, ClearLag, ChatControl, CrackShot, Server_Monitor, AdvancedBan, NoSunlight, SocialLinks, Chairs, PunchPlugin, BuildersWand, EasyCarts, HolographicDisplays, IntEx, JavaMod, Multiverse-Core, SkinsRestorer, FastAsyncWorldEdit, NoNaturalDecay, TimeChanger, DisableExplosions, TrollCommands, Vault, SpleefGame, WorldEdit, Essentials, Lift, Banknotes, Citizens, Magic, DiscordSRV, SafestHouse, WERegionTeleport, EssentialsChat, TAB, SuperVanish, DispenserTools, EssentialsSpawn, WirelessRedstone, AdminMode
    (As always plugins highlighted with bold are created by me and there are some with PacketPlayOutTitle, however none of those packets were sent when the kick(s) occurred.)

    Side question: has anyone constantly received a 502 Bad gateway from Cloudflare the past few days... I keep getting it even when I was making this thread...
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    Cause of 502 Bad Gateway from Cloudflare reasons:
    1) Domain name not resolvable

    The domain name is not pointing to the correct IP or it does not point to any IP this problem may happen. Also, DNS propagation could take some time to make changes in the DNS setting. It may take 24 to 48 hours to make reflect which is dependent upon the TTL defined per record on the DNS.

    2) Server down

    The origin server is not reachable, this may due to the server is down for some reason or there is no communication to the server given.

    3) Firewall blocks

    A firewall interrupts the communication between the edge servers and the origin server. This may be caused by the security plugins of your CMS. As a part of the DDOS protection and mitigation process or due to some strict firewall rules servers can be blocked from accessing the original server.

    Badly compressed packet issue

    This might be your DNS Resolver Cache using old data, do not worry though, there is an easy fix for this.
    I am assuming you are on a Windows OS.
    1. Press the Windows key and R at the same time, this should pop up a box called "Run"
    2. In that box, fill in the following: "cmd" and press enter.
    3. A box with a black background should pop up, fill in the following: "ipconfig /flushdns" and press enter.
    4. Restart Minecraft and try logging in again.

    Try setting your render settings to 2 chunks before logging in (Can't promise this will fix it).
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  3. I've tried these and it didn't work, any other ideas?
    EDIT: Actually, what does this mean to start with? What is it usually caused by?
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