Spigot BagOfGold 3.0.0

BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based.

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    BagOfGold - BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is an item based.

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  2. To be honest I have not tested the ITEM feature after I made the BagOfGold split. The configuration text was a raw copy from MobHunting. But I will Test it today
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  3. I have looked at the problem, it will take some time to fix, but are you sure you want this? Even it you set the itemtype to Emeralds you will not be able to use the normal Emeralds. The will not be compatible. Remember this is not a replica of Gringotts :)
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  4. Oh... you're right. It's pointless then. But what would be good would be multicurrency.
  5. Anyway if you want to use Emeralds instead of the "Bag of gold" you can try

    https://fractal.lindegaard.one:8181/job/BagOfGold/ (build 18) and
    https://fractal.lindegaard.one:8181/job/MobHunting/ (build 503)

    They should work with ITEM (and Emeralds) but it is still not like Gringotts. Please note that I am not finished with the splitting of the two plugins, so you will have to choose ITEM and Emeralds in config.yml in both plugins, to make this work.
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  6. Ok, Here
    Other Problems i had is Duplication, but only works in muliplayer, like the whole Getting it out and back into the bank. will test more stuff, then start working on my server stuff. gives more of a reason to Fight a player. xD
  7. I can't make it work correctly. There are no erros in console.

  8. 1: Wow That Song.
    2: i Forgot to test it to the max. (thanks for reminding me)
    3: Wow that Song..
    4: I'm not The Developer. xD just bug checking.
  9. It's awesome, isn't it?

  10. :p Sarcasm :p
    ;) That song was random, not expected and so off.. o_O
    I love stuff with beat.
    But we all have our opinions, and i won't judge you when i haven't met you. ;)
    fun speaking with you, But this Plugin is missing stuff.. like bug fixes.. and the lores..
  11. The lores is okay, you just have to install ProtocolLib, then they will be hidden. If you find other bugs you can report them here, and then I will fix them


    New ideas is reported the same place. I use the plugin on my own server, and have not found any bugs, which I have not solved. So I need your input to find more bugs..
  12. PS. The Lores contain important information about the bag, the value and the skin. This should be hidden for the players!
  13. I can see that you were able to produce a duplicate, but I did not get how. Its hard to see what you do with out comments???

    I have tried to lock the item/bag when you are in creative mode, so you can move the item/bag. It does not make sense to have an economy when players are in creative mode, because the resources is not limited in Creative mode.

    If you can explain exactly how you made a duplicate in creative mode I will try to cancel this.
  14. I like the song too :)
  15. That's the problem. As I didn't really know, and there were no errors in the console, I decided to record a video.

    After further research, I think it has to do with the balance command.

    In this video, I notice the money dissapears if I throw it to the ground, then pick it, and finally use the balance command: