Spigot BagOfGold 3.0.0

BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based.

  1. i got a issue with the plugin it all works and what not but it says i can not deposit my bagof gold i need it in my hand but i have it allready in my hand any help please
  2. Hello @Rocologo

    "and works with other plugins which demands an Economy plugin".

    So it is a replacement for economy Plugin Gringotts, too - yes?
    I use vault, but don't use plugins like Factions, Towny and WorldGuard.


  3. Yes it replace gringotts you will still need vault.
  4. @Rocologo: Wonderful. This is what I need.

    But one more question concerning deposit and withdraw between Inventory and Vault/Bank.

    Didn't find anything like /bog deposit <amount> or so (according to Gringotts /money deposit <amount>).

    Is it only possible by means of signs and traders, NOT by command?

    wish / idea / suggestion:
    If no, I would appreciate addition of this two commands - or [alternatively] / and
    two "extra multi-amount-signs", that can handle several amounts of credits
    (like real cash terminals). One sign for deposit and one for withdraw.
    (or only one sign that uses free line to set direction of cash movement)
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  5. The hole idea about BagOfGold is that the money should act like physical money. If you have some money in your real life and you want to deposit the money into the bank, you cant just shout "I want to deposit money" in the open space. This is why you dont have the command. You can only go to a bank and deposit the money. You can only use a bank sign or a banker npc. BUT the command you ask for actually exists if you stand 2 blocks from the banker and write /bag bank deposit 100.

    About the sign you talk about. How would you set the amout of money to deposit?
  6. I need help from anyone who wants to help me with testing of integration to Shopkeeper. I have a snapshot I want you to test? anyone?
  7. Hello @Rocologo

    ok. I understand the sense of not providing those two commands generally.
    (I only thought of [your] MobHunting in a fighting world - far away from next vault or banker ...)
    Question: How do the rewarded emeralds (my economy credits) interact with BagOfGold?

    1. Shop Sign (idea/suggestion)
    - 1st line will identify (as it is already)
    - 2nd line will set whether withdraw or deposit
    - a default amount like 100 or 1000 credits. Default stored in configuration file
    - Changing default amount before (next) action by Shift-Left (higher) and Shift-Right (lower) Click
    - 5 or 7 possible values, e.g. 1, 10, 100, 1000, <all>; Perhaps this list stored in configuration file.
    (more realistic may be 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000; but if in configuration, values are flexible :-D )

    If you for example want to withdraw 1200, you make:
    one click for 1000, 2 clicks for 200, plus 1 click for switching from 1000 to 100

    - Optional: Holding a BagOfGold while clicking on sign will deposit it to Bank/Vault.

    2. ShopKeeper
    - Sorry. I use dtlTraders plus ...
  8. Hi Rocologo! It's a wonderful plugin and thank you for your work and continuous support!

    I do have a problem with this plugin in my creative world (created via multiverse). I noticed in creative, whenever i open my inventory a couple times, money will pop up. that's not a problem since it was a small amount, until recently I gave myself a large amount of money by accident to test some stuff. it took up the whole inventory. So i used /clearinventory to clear out all the money. After this incident, every time i tp to creative and open my inventory 2 or 3 times, all the money will come back and take up the whole inventory.

    I checked my world group, don't think there's anything wrong with it:


    I used bagofgold debug mode


    Not idea what's going on, hope you can shed some light on this. Thank you!
  9. hi, can someone help me?
    i searched for this problem and found nothing!!

    i would like to know if theres a way to stack the bagof gold in the chest?
    cause its clogging mobtrap farms
    (another player mobtrap)

    this is my chest
    i gotta stop farming and clean all the chest or nothing goes throw the hopper
    even the bags with the same value dont stack
    upload_2020-6-7_22-45-24.png upload_2020-6-7_22-45-33.png upload_2020-6-7_22-45-46.png

    it would be cool if the bag stacked when it falls in the ground, so we dont have this problem!!

    {and sorry for my bad english, hope you understand it}
  10. Hello! I feel like an idiot, but I added an NPC banker and have no idea how to interact with it to Deposit or Withdraw money. I right click and see the text, but how can I choose from the options?


    edit: Never mind! I figured it out, you press T to go into talk mode and then you can move your mouse around and click on the deposit/withdraw options.
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  11. Rocologo updated BagOfGold with a new update entry:

    MC 1.16 - Big update!

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