Spigot BagOfGold 3.0.0

BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based.

  1. If I'm using the essentials plugin for economy and a player wants to deposit a BagOfGold, will it deposit it into the economy system?
  2. Yes. If you use BagOfGold /bal is the same as /bag bal.

    The difference is that the money is in the bag and you can drop it or loose it if you die.

    BagOfGold work with other plugins exactly like essentials

    If you buy something, the money is taken from your bagofgold in your inventory. And if you dont have enough bagofgold in your inventory you cant buy it.
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  3. I forgot to mention that you can test it on my server mc.lindegaard.one
  4. "A limit per bag is not a bad idea, except you risk to fill up your invemtory with bags? Because of the limit..."
    It's will force players to use bank instead of ender chest. By the way, how about a bank fee for money storage?
  5. After death (with fine for pvp log out) I received a "Bag of gold (-100)", and just threw it and got zero balance.
  6. 1) I never play pvp myself, so you need to explain more detailed what you did, so i cdn replicate this. Step by step, please.
    2) What was your balance before you died?
    3) which plugin give you a fine for log out?
  7. 0$ before died, plugin that i use run essentials command: /eco take player 100
  8. Perfect, then I will test what happens when I use "/eco take player 100" I think the balance should end up with 0$ in balance, but you should not get a BagOfGold with a negative value. So this is a bug. (You can't have a bag with a negative value, because you can't have a negative number of coins in the bag)
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  9. If Player is creative when he dies and the bag is dropping its doubbling the content of the bag.. easy bugg to abuse if an admin dies..
  10. How do I die while in creative? How do I test this?
  11. I just used /kill player thinks it's in essentials
  12. Ahh, Yes essentials has this command. okay I will test this, and fix the bug.
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  13. I can't translate messages:

    bagofgold.moneypickup=Вы выбросили ${money}
    mobhunting.moneydrop=&7Вы выбросили ${money} ${rewardname}

    Bags disappears from inventory on /reload.
  14. First: you should not reload your server just because you changed something in the lang file. "Use /bag reload" and "/mh reload"
    Second: I never change the values in the lang file. Maybe you forgot to save the changes?
    Third: It would be nice for me to have a Russian/Ukranian translation, if you translate the hole lang file?
  15. I already tried /reload, /mh reload and just restarting it doesn't help. Yes, I can do Russian translation, but I need some time.
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