Spigot BagOfGold 3.0.0

BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is item based.

  1. Bug confirmed. This will be fixed in next release. /bag reload does not work like meant to.
  2. I have some questions
    1) Do you use "PerWorldInventory" or similar?
    2) Is your world a creative world ? Or is it a Survival World where the player is in Gamemode Creative?
  3. Rocologo updated BagOfGold with a new update entry:

    V1.0.6 Bug fixing

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  4. Hi,
    is it possible to activate bagofgold only in a specified world?
    like Mobhunting?

  5. No, this is something which is controlled by vault, so this is not something i can make. You can only have one economy plugin per server...

    Why would you like that? Try to explain?
  6. Ahh thanks for the quick responce.

    I made a seperate world for Mobhunting alone.
    My idea was to have with that world some sort of game event and named it HuntFun.
    More like a big mini game.
    And maybe some other plugins with that world as wel like a quest plugin with other things to do.
    Hoping i could turn all that into a big event ;)
    And since i could deactivate Mobhunting in other worlds,i was hoping bagofgold could also.
    Reason i asked is i could not find it in the yml.
    But your answer is logical.
    Never thought about vault controlled that ;)
  7. Okay, understood. A kind of "work a round" would be to separate economies in "HuntFun" and the rest of your worlds. Using PerWorldInventory.

    This way you can have a separate economy in "HuntFun" but you will of cause still have bags in other world (with other values then). Maybe you could protect the bags in all other worlds than "HuntFun" using a plugin for this.

    Maybe this could be a solution?
  8. Nicee ;)
    I have indeed perworldinventory and was just looking arround
    to see if it could be seperated from other worlds.
    Gonna try this indeed.

    Thanks for the help ;)
  9. Im glad to help! I use this trick myself. I have 3 worldgroups. Survival, Creative and ASkyBlock. I prefer to have a separate economy in ASkyBlock because this is a kind of Big Minigame. I dont want the players to earn money in other worlds to spend in ASkyBlock. Kind of same situation. The same goes for Creative worlds. It does really not make sense to have an economy in a creative world with free resources. (at least not on my server).
  10. PS. I will be very happy if you don't disable bStats. Its very important to me that I get the numbers. It a kind of reward for me, developing for free :)
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  11. Hm ill have to check that as well.
    See if the money earning stays with each world.
    I have those worlds as well and then HuntFun
    2 months ago i didn't even know anything about servers an plugins lol
    So im not that fast with everything and im still doing all alone.
  12. The server isn't made public yet.
    Thats gonna take a while haha
    And as for the stats to disable i never will do that.
    Don't even know for sure how to do that.
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  13. Thank you :) The stats are completely anonymous, I cant see where the stats come from. No IP adresses, Servernames or Usernames.
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  14. Well,
    I have statz plugin.
    So i asume that will send those stats?
    And disabled-stats.yml is empty.
    I see indeed in some plugins.yml about sending stats.
    I dont see a point messing with things like that.
    Even if one got ip or whatever.
    Those things are not that private anymore these days

    Don;t think its related to this but,
    i do hope its not depending on mysql to send those.
    can't get that to work properly yet.
  15. No this is the stats (bStats.org) I talk about, most plugins collect these stats.

    I use this to see the plugin rank :) MobHunting is in Top 70 today, BagOfGold is new and still low (unknown). Also it can be a big decision to change eConomy plugin on a working server. (BagOfGold convert automatically to/from Essentials).

    I also use the statistics to see the used integrations and were to focus my work with my plugins.
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  16. Loll my bad
    i looked only at the plugins and not the directory's
    I have bstats as wel and is enabled.
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  17. "Bags disappears from inventory on /reload." - How about this? And can I ask when will be closest update with new features?
  18. Trying to create a bank sign. Ive got all the dependencies and the perms setup, but the sign just wont create
  19. Gold bags are duplicated after switching gamemode: survival > creative > survival.
  20. hey man i think its better to disable bank interaction with creative mode as it bugs out the money in the inventory
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