Balance reset? o.O

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by _DuB_, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hey!

    Few players on my server has some balance problems. I like they have 60Trill and then they relog then the balance is 6bil etc.. o_O so please let me know if you know what the issue would be! Thank you!
  2. Please tell us what plugin you are using?
  3. AnimatedMOTF-Bukkit, AntiCommandTab, AutoSell, CrystalsShop, Crystals BukkitHiddenSyntaxBlocker, Buycraft ChatControl, ChestShop, ClearLag, CombatLog, Customlist, Citizens, CrateKey, CustomAchievemnts, Pets, Essentials(Full pack), StaticRakup, Gangs, GroupManager, Holographic, InvetoryFull, Litebans, PlayerVaults, Nocheatplugs, PlotMe, StaticGrammer, WarpGui, WhatIsIt, floAuction, Vorifier, Skirpt, GAListener, MineCrates, worldguard, Mineresetlite, StaticEnchant, NoFlyZone
  4. Or would the problem be the memory? Cuz this only happens to 2 players...
  5. or too big balance?
  6. Can you actually get a screenshot of what the balance is being displayed as? Also, can you provide proof that it is 60 trillion (or whatever the actual balance is?) and look for errors in your console when they try to access their balance.
  7. Please don't keep bumping/posting your posts when there is no need too.

    It could be because your economy plugin has a limit of the maximum someone can have then just resets it on login.
  8. The limit is 10Q (1000Trill)

    I don't have proof of hes bigger balance atm but here is this one