Spigot Baloss 1.3

Take away a percentage of your balance when you die!

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    Baloss - Take away a percentage of your balance when you die!

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  2. Are there permissions with this plugin? Like a bypass permission for moderators?
  3. I can definitely add it!
  4. Awesome! Next suggestion would be a per world feature, so I'm able to disable it in <testworld_the_end> but enable it in <testworld> and <testworld_nether>. Also maybe a different amount per permission. So player with balos.lose.# would lose x amount, so it can be some players lose more than others. Just a suggestion, this plugin already does what it says well.
  5. Done! Thank you for the feedback!
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    Fixed commands & Added /help

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  7. Hello! it’s really a profect plugin ! I like it !
    Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to MCBBS (www.mcbbs.net) which is the largest Minecraft forum in China ?
    I will mark out your (author’s) name and the download link from spigotmc.org
    Thank you!
  8. I have been using it in my server ,its runing state is some error
    when you have time replace the comand “/help ” , i will translate it to chinese .
    when type this command -- /help
    it occurs that --
  9. you can made players lose their money by two ways
    one is rate
    annother is 1-**** money
  10. # This is a plugin developed by RiesPanda
    # You can contact me here
    # Discord - RiesPanda#3952
    # Spigot水龙头 - https://www.spigotmc.org/members/riespanda.710163/
    #【翻译者 MC ID AFoxFairy 水龙头账号aliancclp 】
    # Please note, if the player has a Baloss.lose.X permission, this will not change anything for that specific player.
    # This will change the default amount lost when dying (Percentage).
    lost-balance: 25
    # This will change the message when a player dies.
    # (Keep in mind, the amount will always appear after the message).
    # 记住,数字也会展现在这条讯息之后
    death-message: "&6你的死亡带走了你的财富 "
    #death-message: "&6You have died and lost "
    # This will change whether the player with the bypass permissions get's a message on death.
    bypass-msg: false
    # If the bypass message is set to true, this will change the message sent
    #如果 这条讯息被设置为true,后面的bypass-sent-message将会君临。
    bypass-sent-message: "&3你有财富保护权限,因此你免于死亡的损失."
    # This will change the disabled worlds
    # This means when the player dies in that specific world, they won't lose balance.
    - "world2"
    - "world3"
    - "world4"
    # 免于损失金钱的世界名称 world2 world3 world4
  11. my translations in chinese ,:LOL: