Ban a server from Using your plugin

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  1. Hello all :)

    I have a question, lately I am searching for a solution To ban a server from using your plugin. For example you have your name in your plugin and they remove it somehow, and you know it and you want to ban this server from using your plugin. Is this possible and how would it go?

  2. Impossible.
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  3. I have seen a lot of plugins telling them if they do something they can remotely disable the server. This is just a lie then?
  4. @michiel No it's not. It is possible but since they already changed his plugins code they can easily delete the code that would prevent them from enabling the plugin.
  5. I'd call that a backdoor, even if you could consider the action being justified (but I can think of legal reasons why a plugin author should limit their actions to invalidating the plugin's use vs disabling a whole server).
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  6. Hmm, I think your right.. but it would be maybe time waste to implementing this shit?


    Pls give me a rep+... ;)
  7. Quality of code is more important at times than creating a premium plugin that is based on a whitelist of users and a regime policy to enforce usage or no usage.

    Apply basic copyright protection to your work with the right license, within the terms of spigot's resources ToS, and enforce that if you so desire. People will find a way, especially if you have a quality resource. I rather see that time invested in the plugin so it is worth paying for in the first place ~ which more ppl will do.

    For example, intrusive plugins that cause delays, require remote connections to other servers, have handshake things, or backdoors to screw your stuff up if they misunderstand you're running a temporary test server to see if you can upgrade to 1.12.2, etc without touching the live server.. blah blah, i dont even waste money on those.
  8. It's wasting your time to implement this. Everybody can just add like a "!" with a Java editor in your code. And your check has been disabled or turned how you would call it. It's not worth your try, if anyone would like to steal your plugin, they will.
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  9. Add an easter egg that loads a youtube video players can click on that loads the Game of Thrones" SHAME SHAME !!" with the names of the leakers :)
  10. Okay, but I am not really familiar with protection of code. Could you give me an example how I can protect my plugin more from stealing and etc.?
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  11. It is actually a good thing to make your Plugin remotely controllable.
    But not for this reason (which is possible, too).
    I did this "Remote-Control" in one of my plugins too, where i can disable some features of the plugin globally like mysql-saving.
    This is has a good use if a very fatal bug gets reported and you want other users to prevent them from this bug.
    But this whole thing is always on/off toggle-able in the config.
  12. If we have a plugin that supports MySQL and we have a network of servers that hooks into the data, and then suddenly this is without our knowledge remotely turned off.. that could potentially be loss of income if data stops updating and players dont get what they expect and start doing chargebacks etc.

    I hope i never find a plugin that i use that does this..
  13. Thats why there appear configurable messages in the console/for the player.
    And in my opinion this is better than corrupting mysql data by writing false things into it.
    But this is always defined by the end-user as i already mentioned: they can turn this off and on whenever they want.
  14. I don't think there are a lot of server owners who have an array of servers that run just fine and stare at it the whole time ..
    If it is working, it's easy to leave it alone.. if stuff breaks: it's because you remotely turned it off.. that's when the owner has to get involved. if there's a bug in the plugin, the problem is already known obviously and the owner switches to flatfile himself, if that is possible, or checks for the update, and otehrwise on the frequent 'are there new versions of the plugins i use' checkup, it will find the update and review it ..

    people have lives, you can't expect them to read ALL the console msgs.. there are thousands and thousands in a day, spread over various servers.. even dead servers have all sorts of feedback console msgs

    seriously: there are more than plenty of reasons to not touch a server that you do not own, regardless if they run your source code or not.. #hello.
  15. That is your opinion, and thats fine :)
    Thats why its toggle-able.

    But i received feedback to this topic which was the opposite of your opinion.
  16. I am happy for you that you have server owners who don't mind you having remote control of their functionality of their server.
    I am also happy that you do offer the toggle so those who don't agree can toggle it off. Fingers crossed you don't remote change that :p
  17. Would getting the ip address and checking if the ip address = the one you want banned if it equal that just disable the plugin?

    You could create a list of IP's you want banned and put it on a server.
    Code (Text):

    public void onEnable(){
    clientInformation.clientIPAddress = clientsoc.getInetAddress().getHostAddress();
    //Get the ip's you want banned.
    // Then loop through the banned ip's checking if it equals the Host Address.
    System.out.println("Your Server has been banned from this plugin " + PluginName);