Ban all of Mexico from our server.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ZPower124, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Hello, on the server that I work at, we support Donald Trump. There are trump logos and what not. We pull in 20+ players with this Trump love XD! Then we (no joke here) get Mexicans that come on and curse us out and then people blow other people's things up and it is just crazy. Made 14 bans today to Mexicans that hate us.

    Can I just ban the whole country?
    (This may seem extreme but it is the only way to slow down the madness)
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  2. So your going to build a big cyber wall? Lol

    But if you actually wanted to do this, these are the major Mexico ip ranges which if you had the time you could ban all them....
  3. Honestly, sort of. This was the owner's request. It is just a mess. Someone had /nick as a donor perk and set it as CantStumpTrump, and a mexican did /tpa and blew up his base with TNT from the starter kit, then made a private body part going into another one that was trump.
    It is just crazy.
  4. If Mexicans are just playing factions as normal using tnt and not hacking... Why ban them?
  5. They curse and target other players as well as make trump naked and having relations with his daughter in creative..
    It is horrible.
  6. How do you know these players are actually from mexico..?
  7. I go threw the console and get the IP and track it. One by one! They also scream I AM FROM MEXICOOOOOO
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  8. How does Donald Trump know about Spigot?
  9. How come I'm thinking this thread is a joke...
  10. He doesn't the owner puts up map drawings (editing the .dat files) and people lose their shit.
  11. I swear it's not.
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  13. Is it bad that im judging that server by the free domain name without going on it


    I was right, i was kicked for saying mexico lol
  14. I cant tell if this is a troll thread or not.
  15. No. I understand where you are coming from.
  16. Another person just came on and said Mexico over and over (Not fast just said it) When will it end?
  17. Hey mate, this is what you get when you have a server supporting Donald Trump. It's your fault that your getting all these people cursing you out and blowing crap up. There's no point in putting up a country firewall, just stop supporting Trump. Why not? He is just going to blow over anyways pretty soon and you main selling point will be gone. Your begging for attention by supporting him, and attention you got. Just not the kind you wanted.

    Not sure if this thread is even legit in the first place. . .
    OH yeah, also if your concerned with people swearing and blowing builds up, use WorldGuard and NoSwear or something. Every fucking server uses something like them at least.

    Thats my advice
    Regards, James
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  18. I completely understand. It is not really my decision however.
    This server really is crazy and useless!
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