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  1. Hello, I use bungee on my servers, I have a plugin that I have programmed that kicks players from a server.
    When I connect to the server from another server by Bungee and then I use the kick command from my plugin that doesnt work, it shows the message that the player was kicked but he was in the server, how to kick him from the server and he will return to the main server ( same with bans)
  2. You should send source code for your plugin.
  3. just firstly send player to lobby server and then ban him? or have fun with bungeecord configuration :D
  4. So if you want to make a ban plugin. Just make a command, save in a MySQL which are banned, check if player is banned on join, finished?!
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  5. That's the simple way. You also should use BungeeProxy so the player can't connect throught other servers
    Thats the best way but also with this way you should use BungeeProxy to prevent that the banned player joins over a local BungeeServer or over the sub servers