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  1. is there a translated version???
  2. No idea. It's not my plugin.
  3. is there any other way? or so
  4. Yes, do what i hinted at: google
    There's a resources page just google for these resources, or ask the author if his popular plugin has a language file
  5. Skycade uses LiteBans. They have a web thing, have no idea how to set it up.
  6. it was not very helpful for anything.
  7. ok thanks for the info
  8. DId you actually talk to the author of the plugin I gave?
    Or perhaps read up on the litebans plugin?

    They all come with the code you're looking for.
    If you don't know what you're doing and aren't making an effort to read up on stuff you won't find an answer. sorry if that sounds mean, but we can't spoonfeed you - it's your server, you have to do the work.
  9. you have to connect to database.
  10. Yes, if you have a service running here, .. and a service running there .. that means that something has to be in the middle, another service, that is universal so the data can be written from one service to another, and read by from the other and .. all the obvious.

    service 1: web server
    service 2: minecraft server
    service 3: database

    Minecraft plugins connect to the database and write the data to it.
    The web server connects to the database and read the data from it (as well).

    The php files query the database to read the data in there, so visitors to the web server can see if they have the appropriate permission that is, who is banned, when and why and whatever else you want to display.

    a database connection is indeed needed.

    Configure the web server properly, the firewalls if it is remotely, the same for the database, and of course minecraft.

    most plugins come with instructions, most services come with documentation.
  11. i just used the web advanced ban and it has errors but i followed what the video said and still didnt work
  12. mathhulk

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    Because you are using AdvancedBan, I am going to assume you were using However, that website has been having issues and I have no idea when those issues are going to be fixed. The AdvancedBan author has not stated when the website would be updated or other information regarding the issues.

    As for AdvancedBan, I maintain a resource known as AdvancedBan Panel that can be used as an alternative to The resource I maintain has received support from the author and is listed as the alternative on the AdvancedBan resource page and the AdvancedBan Discord guild. More information on this resource can be found at

    However, for AdvancedBan, there are also other options, such as This resource does not support all punishment types, however, and does not have the same features as AdvancedBan Panel.

    Mentioned above, LiteBans can be used for managing punishments also. However, unlike AdvancedBan, LiteBans is a premium resource. LiteBans can be found at The LiteBans author has made an official web interface for displaying punishments that can be found on the resource page.

    Other developers, however, have made changes to this original web interface, such as, which changes the design of the LiteBans interface to be Material Design oriented.

    The reason these panels or web interfaces require the use of a database is because they cannot get information on punishments elsewhere. These websites cannot access the information from your server in a direct manner, such as acquiring a list of bans from local files.
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