Spigot Ban Management [Paid] 1.0

Manage all your servers bans, kicks, warns, etc...

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    Ban Management - Manage all your servers bans, kicks, warns, etc...

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  2. konsolas


    Donating to be unbanned is against Mojang's EULA. So using your plugin is technically illegal.
  3. Pretty sure that the EULA was canceled when Microsoft bought Mojang. Also I have seen no servers get taken down because of it
  4. Seems fun and useful, but a vid would help
  5. If worst comes to worst I will make the video myself and thanks!
  6. Worst is worst please make a vid
  7. Sure! I just got home from baseball and its late but tomorrow there will be one up, I will link you when it is :)
  8. Thanks
  9. How exactly do you configure the messages and such?
  10. Message configuration will be coming soon, as soon as finals for school are over I can devote time to updating my plugins which I haven't been able to do resently
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  11. Can u do so it says who u got banned or kicked or muted from?
    Like XizzerMC Has muted John
    And can u changes messages? in the plugin?
  12. As soon as school is finished I will be back to developing and adding configuration/features, no time resently because of finals
  13. Also, when you come out with the chat configuration please have multi line support.
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  14. Sorry, I Replied to the wrong person :confused:
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  15. Thanks <3