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  1. I'm looking for a plugin to use for my server to handle bans, kicks, mutes etc. I don't like the ugly essentials bans and stuff. I liked the plugin named 'BanManager' and 'BungeeAdminTools' but all the good ones are for Bungeecord, and I'm not on Bungee. :( I'm looking for one that has a neat GUI like BanManager if possible and easy to configure and configurable messages.
  2. And what exactly is wrong with BanManager? I may be misunderstanding, but BM isn't just for bungee. Works fine on my server and I don't use bungee.
  3. G2U


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  4. BanManager caused a crash daily on a server I was setting up for no reason. It literally DDoSed the server with the amount of packets/connections it was sending to MySQL (default settings).

    Use Litebans.
  5. I agree use LiteBans
  6. Just to point out that the original BanManager (which is still in active development, and over 4 years old) does not have an in game GUI. I have seen a lot of other developers using the same name which is now causing a lot of confusion. It is not bungeecord dependant either. If you do come across a problem, please open an issue
  7. LiteBans doesn't have a GUI.
  8. 'Thanks to a plugin called BungeeUtil, I found out that you can create Inventories etc on the proxy, which meant I was able to convert this plugin into a proxy only plugin. Which is exactly what I wanted to do, without making this a command base Banmanager.' I must be seeing the wrong plugin what's the other one?
    Has no mute feature.
  9. Has no mute feature yet*
  10. Also not all variables didn't work, I couldn't display who banned who when I added it to Chat Messages.
  11. Well I don't use it, I only use BAT (BungeeAdminTools). The OP doesn't have Bungeecord so...
  12. MaxBans is very good. Try that. Its free and fully costumizable!
  13. No UUID support.
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  14. AdvanceBan or LiteBans

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  15. I'll vouch for LiteBans, i've never had an issue while working with it. As far as i'm aware that it also supports a web interface using PHP.
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  16. Correct, LiteBans is bae
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  17. This is true.
  18. The config is a pain in the a**. I gave up on it nearly took an hour and it wasn't how I ended wanting it so I gave up.
  19. We use Litebans and it is very nice and have muche extra features