Ban managment? [Plugin questions]

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  1. I do want to use this plugin, but i do not know how to host a web server or where to get it hosted, not too cheap and not too expensive.

    Ill probably going to need help setting it up too XD!

    - M

    *Note: Tired of listing up my BANS manually!!! So hoping to use this plugin instead.
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    You don't need to use the web frontend, it's optional, but you will need a web host to host it on. Any web host that gives you FTP will probably work fine.
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  3. I'm using Weebly as a server website. for MySQL / PHP 5 for Ban Managment (Which im trying to get working or install)
    And i will buy my own domain later on for server / website domain.

    I want to make a website as those popular server have:
    Like this:
    Menu with big images and undertext saying showing icon / text.

    Decent background picture switching and stuff like that xD

    edit2: can make me a website and i can use iframe to put it into my own website if possible xD
  4. hostinger or kimsufu my recommendation
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