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  1. When i try to /ban or /mute or /kick etc. it doesnt work and i have to type /essentials:ban or /essentials:mute. Is the anything i can do to fix it or make it so that when i type /ban it types /essentials:ban?
  2. There's something overriding the command, you can provide us your plugin list to get that plugin overriding and remove it or you can use commands.yml in one way or another to make it so that /ban runs /essentials:ban.
  3. The only commands.yml I can find in the config is for FAWE so alternatively here is a list of my plugins:

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  4. The issue is BanManager is unloaded. When a plugin is unloaded, any command that you previously would use, in this case /ban, would not work and simply will just cancel that command event. To fix this issue, remove BanManager. Don't leave it unloaded. In other words, if you're not going to use BanManager, remove the .jar from your plugins folder.
  5. Ok but i may wanna use it, so before i delete it can you explain to me what it is, and what it does?
  6. Why do you want to use essentials bans when you have banmanager (even though it's unloaded)
  7. I use essentials bans because i cant use normal /ban and as ExtremeSpirit said, i need to delete banmanager, and i asked what banmanager does exactly.
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