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  1. I have made a working ban command where I can ban players, and I can ban offline players so that they can't join back after. I check if the player is online in the server, and if they are, they are automatically kicked out of the server! The bug happens when I ban someone while I am in the Hub Server, but they are currently online in the Survival Server. The plugin thinks they are offline but they're only offline in the Hub Server, but they're online in the Survival Server. I want the plugin to check if they are in any other serves, and if they are they will be kicked/banned from the server.
  2. Get the server list, loop thru it and loop thru the server's players and check if the current loop player's uuid matches the player you want to ban's uuid. You can ban them offline from the hub and then send them to the hub server so they can never join anymore.
  3. I will look into this. Also, how will I send them to the Hub server and prevent them from joining other servers?
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  4. Ban them from every server except the hub