Ban plugin?

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  1. Is there a plugin that can be used for banning,muting, punishment?

    Ive seen some xD!

    Like with an intergration with my website?

    I do have a MySQL database on standby *ready but its empty*

    Is this possible to work out?

    So if a player is banned they can see if their banned on our website?

    Any plugin like this?
  2. *Posts the post*

    Attempts too google it..

    Finds "Ban Managment"..

    Wow that was "easy"..

    Now i hope im not f*..d setting it up will be hard!
  3. its easy to setup if you read the how to
  4. Not used to set up MYSQL.
  5. hire me I charge 1k an hour
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  6. Oh look, a troll!
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  7. If you want site integration there is one somewhere but not sure what it's called. I can do website integration with PHP and Skript, but it'll cost. However, I am relatively cheap. Just see my signature for my Skript shop if you're interested.
  8. JamesJ


    Well to be honest, your whole post up to now has looked like a troll post..
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  9. get an vps install Mysql and ur done K?

    or use an mysql DB of ur mc host ;-;
  10. So helpful. You could of at least linked to a guide. Also, not all Minecraft hosting services offer MySQL databases.
  11. eqx


    I personaly like MaxBans but for a network BanManager
  12. The best for me is BungeeeAdminTools for a network is free and works 100%. That's my opinion.
  13. Because i didnt know any plugin like i was describing yes?

    I do have MySQL avaible, but Ban Managment says it requirs a web server with php 5.. and i got on experience, will ask you later for help at your shop. *Not free ofcourse, you will get paid.

    Im currently running a single server. (3 Gb ram)

    What is the requirements?'

    VPS isnt cheap..

    - M
  14. Its for bungee-cord
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  15. There's ton. Essentials, NCP, etc.

    I made my own, with just a default times in config. All I have to do is /b1 <player> for 1 day ban, and /bp for perm.
  16. For MySQL and webstats you can run it with ease on an 512mb one (for me fine by using an iframe and then 128MB of RAM)
  17. I want one that can be intergrated with my website.

    I want one that a player can search other players or themself and a list of recently banned players.

    Ive got 3 gb of ram and when there 10 players on and 20 plugins running im barely using 1,5 gb ram.

    Might lower the player slot limit to 30.

    I thought so even if i dont use it xD!

    Didnt understand much of that xD!

    - MGC
  18. There are maybe good and cheap vps hosts with 512MB of workmemory
  19. For MySQL downloaded xampp and uses the appropriate database or from a host panel. After use the plugin to create geSuit ban warp and tp global