Spigot Ban Voter 1.0.0

A vote to unban plugin.

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    Ban Voter - A vote to unban plugin.

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  2. This plugin is amazing! This plugin is extremely clean and very user friendly. it is very small and is not at all heavy on the server. Thank you so much for making this! :D
  3. Thanks so Much :)
  4. New features are coming out soon! Make sure to stay posted for them!
  5. Would be great if there were a vote ban plugin, as i am sure some smaller servers have the issue where a group of players are on when no staff are, and some douchebag comes on spamming, advertising or griefing. Obviously it would be smart to have it alert staff of the ban (perhaps when x number of votes or a % of those online vote, it temp bans them for 1 day?