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  1. Silly question but do you guys think a 50mbps bandwidth limit can hold up 500 players on a spigot mc server?
  2. Im no genius on this but I really dont think that will be enough. That would be limiting each player to 100kb/s ... thats really not a lot, your players would most likely experience massive lag.
  3. how about 250mbps?
  4. Definitely better than 50.
    Check out this site:

    It will give you a decent representation of what you can do with x amount of Mbps
  5. Strahan


    Just be sure you are putting the right upload number in. Most companies lean hard into advertising download speed, but typically barely mention upload speed. Don't mistakenly put download in for upload else it will not give you a correct assessment. A lot of providers are generous with download but stingy with upload.

    Freaking Comcast is billing me $185 a month for my 180 megabit downstream commercial account and what do I get for upload? A measly 20 meg lol.