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    Bank - Best bank system for your server

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  2. Feature request... Then I'll definitely buy: I would like to have players only be able to open their chests when clicking a sign, and not be able to that with a command. Is this possible? Thanks. Looks like a promising plugin. :)
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    Added name sorting

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  4. Will be adding next update


    Edit: Just added now and uploaded
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  5. its possible add money deposit?
  6. That is a really cool idea :D, will add it

  7. Does it require the person to have a permission to open with the sign?
  8. Not at the moment sorry, adding soon
  9. Just added now :)
  10. Just added this now :)
  11. Would it be possible to be able to change the top glass panes to different types so that buttons could be made using a resource pack to make the sort and deposit all hotkey and such buttons better viewed?
  12. Sure, sounds like a great idea, will add next update
  13. NullBlox


    Can the bank and players gain intrest on/offline? An a converter from BankCraft to your plugin....?
    I would support you on doing this. Just Pm me.
  14. I can try making a conversion.

    Can you explain how the interest would work?