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    Unknown material in setting Tab GUI - minecraft:log ID 17:4 & 17:5 should be 162:0 & 162:1.
    There are some unknown materials below them.
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    When player are sending money to other people, pressing Escape key will get the Anvil GUI's item.
    Anvil GUI still works on sending other person exp/money after disabled.
    (withdraw、deposit have no this problem)
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  3. Can you add commands and permission for sending exp/money to other people?
    The sending exp feature is a good idea!
    Maybe adding a trading system on it will be more better.
    Thanks. :)
  4. So you are wanting to blacklist some items from going into the bank?
  5. If you can thank xD I really like this plugin! Like the question I am talking about, I do not know what to do! Can solve for me this plugin is perfect
  6. The generated items are generated, you can go into the items.yml and remove the ones that arent showing right.

    Will fix this

    Commands are getting an overhaul in the near furture, can add perms aswell
  7. OK, Thank you :)
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  8. where does the items storage data being stored if i use sqlite, after i updated to the new bank/ core, all the players' items are gone, money and exp are fine in the uuid.db
  9. my bad, the players can see it but unable to take it, i will test some more
  10. You can try /bank admin open <name> when they are online to see their items, are they unable to access the items gui?
  11. I'm customizing the GUI aspect of the bank. When I use the "Material: AIR" errors appear in the console and the plugin stops working.
  12. Instead of air, just set it to say glass and put the amount to 0?
  13. Does premium version will save automatic?
    Bank lite only save when sever stopped...
    My server often crush and rollback bank data..
    I want to buy if premium version will save at high frequency( like every 30min)
  14. Thanks.

    One question, can you use custom heads?
  15. Not currently no, will add it to the list
  16. You are only able to take out the default amount (493 for you) unless you have permissions to take more, example permission is: which will make the max 3423, I'll make it so you can't set the number higher then your max
  17. Dablakbandit updated Bank[NEW Loans System With Interest!] with a new update entry:

    New Advanced Commmand + Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. Thanks for your help!
    I've just updated to latest Bank & Core, but none of the commands seem to be working & the max loan is showing as 0.0