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#1 Bank Plugin [Economy] [Item/Money/Exp Storage] [Highly Configurable]

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    Bank - Lite - #1 bank system out there [Lite Version, Economy, Item Storage, Exp Storage, Highly Configurable]

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  2. Only got one question about this plugin. Whats the point of pin numbers? Just wondering.
  3. To ensure if anyone accesses your account, they cannot access any items in the bank?
  4. The player im wanting to access my bank account, cannot access it with the pincode.
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  5. So is that normal? Cause I don't see a point in the pincode if no one can access it.
  6. The pincode is just a nice feature for if players want to secure their items in the bank, if a player is having trouble remembering the code, you can reset it via the commands, or you can disable it completely in the config.
  7. Oh ok, I thought you meant bank account. My bad. Also another question, is it possible to make it force players have to set a pincode to use their bank account?
  8. There is a huge issue, the plugin make the server crashing.
    Can you fix it ?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Request: A way to reset the bank balance/items/exp by command

    Example: /bank reset {player}
  10. In the full version of the plugin, you can login as a admin into a players bank. So you can edit his stuff...

  11. Lol when i posted this i didn't realise this was the lite version.
  12. Is it possible currently to link Shopkeepers into accounts?
    With the upcoming Towny/Factions update, will it be possible to have Bank Accounts that all NPC Shopkeepers could use?

    In my opinion, this would allow a Server Bank, a feature that i haven't been able to find yet.
  13. Theres a upcoming Towny update?
  14. Says so in the Overview:

  15. Hi! 1.7.10 Thermos, after withdraw exp - [​IMG]

    Experience is divided into three (two?) Parts. And two of them disappear.
  16. This plugin get % interest rate for more money have in your account each hour get more/less money?