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  1. Hello Minecrafters!

    Im currently setting up a website for my server and came across this server who had a live ban, warn, kick, mute list!? But I wondered? Where can I get this? It looks so good and I would love to have it! If you know where it comes from please let me know through a reply! =) P.S. Here is where I found this:

  2. Many big servers use LiteBans, it's probably the best punishment plugin out there.
  3. Like they said it is pretty easy :) Use for example Network Manager or Cloudsystem with their own Banmanager
  4. But cost something, the people above me showed you some free ones too
  5. They use litebans it has a web banlist
  6. The one from banmanager is free. You just need webspace to host it.
  7. Splazeing


    They use Litebans plus their free web stuff, with a custom css.
  8. This has been answered, could a staff member lock it please.
  9. I can vouch for Litebans. Easy to use, great for cross-server bans, web support and more.