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  1. In my previous server is always used banmanager to ban ip's and hawkeye logged all the ip's that connected with the server. Is there a way to let these plugins log the user his own ip? I also used essentials with the command /seen to get the ip address of someone before.

    thank you!
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    To view IP's, essentials has the command /seen <player>
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    Oh god...
    Remind me to kick myself sometime :p

    Anyway, i do not think so, but i would recommend SuperLogger for logging connections.
    (There is a connections file, just open up the file and search for the persons username)
  5. haha thanks, but i also want the mods and admins to be able to ban someones ip, so i would really like it if it could be a bit easyer than opening a file and looking in it.
    Could it be able to make a plugin that sends someones ip through to the server were i have these plugins installed?