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    I'm curious, are there any real issues with 1.17?
  3. Probably not; some internal packages changed name, constructors changed and the whole Java 16 thing. Probably just minor for most developers here that work with Spigot on a daily base, but I just cannot find the time to figure this all out in the short term, which made me think just open sourcing everything might be a better alternative for the long term.
  4. I've forked it here https://github.com/darkhelmet-gaming/BannerBoard-free

    I've moved things around and replaced maven with gradle. I don't have it working on 1.17 due to NMS changes, but will look. Anyone is welcome to contribute to my fork.

    EDIT: Looks like the constructor has changed for PacketPlayOutMap.

    EDIT2: I have slowly been replacing the NMS methods as it seems like 1.17 has moved all of them. It's been a hacky process but I am making progress.

    I am currently stuck figuring out what the 1.17 replacement is for
    dimensionManager.getField("OVERWORLD").get(null). That field no longer exists.

    EDIT3: I am definitely stuck. Because of obfuscation I have no idea what type that field was, and I have no way to determine what the replacement is. If anyone has insight please message me.

    EDIT4: I've replaced BannerBoard on my server with InteractiveBoard. It's another premium plugin but has more features, supports 1.17 already, and has great support in discord.
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  5. Thank you for updating us! take your time trying to get it to 1.17, I will wait patiently for the update Thank you again!
  6. Just commenting to follow the thread - hope someone manages to update this to 1.17 as it is essential to so many server owners. Whoever does - please let me know and I'll happily donate money to your PayPal as a thank you from our server at least.
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  7. When commes 1.17
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  8. como se consigue la key en esta versiĆ³n gratuita?
  9. i hope for an update for 1.17.1...
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