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  1. Dear muhyo. What exact client version do you run? Tried to reproduce this, but couldn't manage to. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I'm using MC 1.12 Official Client + Forge(1.12-14.21.2443) +Optifine(1.12_HD_U_C5)
    And my server has ProtocolSupport #176 plugin for support client version 1.12 - 1.12.2.

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    How long are URLIMG and LIVEIMG cached for? I am trying to show an image from an api, but it seems to not update. I have tried 60 seconds as an update rate just to test however nothing happens unless I reload the config.
  4. They are only rendered again for new players, Minecraft cannot update maps for players that are already online because of a Minecraft bug.
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    Okay, well a workaround is I can just run /bannerboard reload every 15 minutes. But if /bannerboard reload works, is there any way to make it a feature in the plugin?
  6. Is it possible (will it be possible) to show in banner text from mysql database?
    Best would be something like
    1.plugin get text from mysql to variable X every 1 minute
    2.banner show variable X
    Usually plugins are made like 'each player makes server execute mysql query' which kill server with many players
  7. For placeholders and text there currently is no such feature. It would be possible though to fetch an image once every few minutes. So if you have a small tool that provides the MySQL data as an image, it would be possible ;)
  8. how do i install the updated version of bannerboard
  9. sadly im trying everything since i bought this plugin. but i cannot seem to use any skin renderer not the live one and not the inbuild.
    it just doesnt display anything.
    even when i reconnect or restart minecraft or restart the server.. it just doesnt work...
    Code (Text):
          - SKIN -type SKIN -width 400 -height 800 -xOffset 256 -yOffset 128
    << is this wrong?
    or this:
    Code (Text):
  10. Have you set your API KEY in your plugin config ?
  11. yes i have :(
  12. Can you make possible to set negative offsets? Sometimes it is important to move objects half on a corner. Plugin throws an exception if I'll type something like "-xOffset -50".
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  13. You can, just add a backslash, like -xOffset \-50 :)
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  14. Hi all I'm having trouble loading up the .png images. I put them in the image folder then set it in the config but it doesn't load up? Says it can't find it in the images folder? Any help much appriciated
  15. Please contact @TrinityDEV via conversations for support :)
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  16. Thanks! All sorted now! I was saving the files as example.png and it should just be example lol
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  17. Can you give us the image downloadlinks of the examples? And the image downloadlinks of bannerboard leaderheads too?
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  18. Please contact @TrinityDEV for support and the links :)
  19. Seems to be a bug on my server where maps are turning into bannerboards e.g. when you right click an empty map to use it, it will render a bit of a random bannerboard.
  20. Hi, please contact @TrinityDEV for support :)