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  1. Hello TrinityDEV,

    Is there a refresh rate for live images, or does it only refresh on player login?

  2. with leaderheads for daily, weekly, monthly timeframes doesn't work. It say "No daha was found" if i set timeframe to alltime then work. but also alltime not work properly because not automatic update when stats update if bannerboard reload then work getting new stats.
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    Can I get a key? :D
  4. hi I have a question to see if this is actually possiable to do within your awesome plugin?

    can i create invisible item frames. I want to have a sense of realisim where the banners I make can hide the fact they are on a item frame making them more professional.

    this image is what I mean is their a way to blend that into the terrain.


    Or do I need to have a custom resourcepack in order to do this?
  5. bannerboard-shop addon plugin upload please....
  6. I use this plugin for so many things! Making server info boards, a custom item for players, advertising board, decoration, fake security camera,... Good work! Only question, how can i make it so a banner changes his picture every X time? If thats not possibele, maybe a nice update?
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  7. Is it possible to use a "/" in the text of a bannerboard? It keeps displaying as nothing
  8. Anyone tried the plugin with 1.16.5 spigot/paper? It hasn't worked for me.
  9. is it normal that this plugin is causing huge lag spikes with a board of 8*4 without refresh so a still image?
  10. Still got no response from the email ([email protected]) & this is a reaction on the reaction of my review.
  11. What is the discord invite link
  12. there is none, and they will not add one
  13. ive been sending messages to the email u gave for a couple of weeks now i need support with the plugin and im not getting any answer.
    im using leaderheads stats on the bannerboard but its not updating the list the only time it updates is when i do reload for the plugin..
    please help?
  14. oof, after a month i still got no support. Author, if you are reading this please make support easier by doing it on discord or something better then mailing.
  15. hi where can i change so that the encoding can support polish characters? e.g. ą, ę, ł?