Spigot BannerMaker 2.2.2

Use GUI to design any kind of banner

  1. Can you please add a feature so that the plugin will take items from the player's inventory to craft a banner?
  2. Someone also gave me the similar suggestion before.
    I'll consider about it.
  3. Please consider fast....if you are not going to implement it then there is no reason for us to put a pointless plugin on the server. It would be easier for players to design banners on MinecraftTools and design+follow a crafting recipe in their web browser vs. using multiple screenshots of this plugin.
  4. How very rude and entitled.

    I would love to see this feature too, but be a little more considerate. This developer has put their time into developing a great plugin which they offer free of charge. You can emphasise how appreciative you would be, and how useful you would find such a feature without insulting their hard work.
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  5. Not sure how I made it through the U.S. Marines and Iraq + raising one of the sweetest young ladies on earth without your guiding hand. There is a difference between rude and entitled vs. blunt and quickly to the point while also cooking dinner for the aforementioned daughter after working a full time job. When a plugin over complicates a task which can be more efficiently accomplished via a web browser, then there is no point to having the plugin...which is the definition of pointless. Harsh: probably; true: definitely.

    May 8, 2016
    May 9, 2016
    "If so, it will come true." After this commitment, 14 months later it is back to only being considered? Part of honor is accomplishing the task one has committed themselves to.
  6. BUG,
    If I press E fast, i have the item in the invetory.
    Can you solve this bug?
    Thanks :)
  7. Ok, Only happens if the player have creative mode :)
  8. In my opinion, jobs in real world is more important than development of a FREE plugin.
    I wasn't earn any money by developing this plugin, so I cannot make any schedule of any additional features.
    Even I tell you "yes", I'll still not talk about when can I finish it.
    Maybe just one day, or even several years.
    I can only working on it in my free time.

    Do you really think that I did nothing in these months?
    (Maybe you know the answer if you have follow the commits of the project.)
    After the reply which you quoted has been posted,
    I tried to just implement that feature.
    But because of the design of the base architecture of this plugin, there will be many bugs and potential risks.
    And many times, I redesign and adjust base architecture and some core part as prepare of develop this feature.
    But there are some potential risks if I implement that feature.
    As I said before, I don't want to make any unstable version as release version.
    That why I need to consider, discuss, programing again and again.
    Of course I will still try, but I still won't give an expected progress or time point.

    Some of necessary code of this feature is already in the plugin.
    And this project in under the GPLv2.
    If you are in hurry and you can take risks,
    you can just fork and modify few lines of code of "give" function in class "BannerUtil", rebuild the project and you will get the plugin with that feature (of course, with some related risks).
    If you sucessfully and completely finish this feature including fix bugs and remove potential risks, sending a PR is also welcome.
    Or maybe you can also choose other similar but not free and pointless plugins,
    I think lots of plugins are just for someone who need it.
    And in the similar purpose, premium plugin usually better than totally free plugin.
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  9. Thanks for report.
    But I cannot reproduce this bug easily.
    The click event will be cancel in each inventory gui menu in this plugin.
    I think you cannot get any item from the menu directly.
    Is the gotten item a real item or just a shadow?
    (It's a shadow if open any chest and the gotten item disappear)
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  10. Is shadow in survival mode, in creative mode is a real item.
    No problems :)
  11. I can translate all the text you could give me to spanish . Would you use pastebin please?. Thanks for the plugin!
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  12. stevejone1997, se puede traducir en los propios ficheros.
  13. You can take en.yml and translate it.
    If you don't use GitHub, give me new translated file by pastebin or other ways is also okay.
  14. @jyhsu
    I would like to add a new language to the plugin. The new language is called hu.yml (HU - Hungarian).
    Where can I help you with the cancer?
  15. Thanks for making the lenguage update !