Spigot BannerWings [Discontinued/Dead] 1.9

Adds animated wings to your server.

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    BannerWings - Adds animated wings to your server.

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  2. This is such a ridiculous plugin, it just might work.
  3. What? :)
  4. Can you see if when setting the display name _ are spaces and they hide when it is set in the display name, like Tenchii's_Wings turn into Tenchii's Wings
  5. Great plugin! Add configuration for the ability to change messages? Add support to ChestCommands? & over all great plugin!
  6. You can change the displayname of your wings in the file plugin/BannerWings/wings/<wingsname>.yml
  7. As in the hefty [BWINGS] tag.
  8. What messages? What should i support? Ty.
  9. Could you please make it so each player has their own selection of wings to chose from? I do not like all players having the ability to spawn each others wings.

    Additionally, a bug has come up where players can put armor on the armor stands of the wings. Along with another issue where the wings continuously flap every so often when a player walks. Both of these issues can be seen below.
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  10. This would be a great feature =) but i think it would be premium then XD. OR Perhaps allow players to make wing shops where they can sell it using Vault as an API dependency.

  11. Looks strange xD. I'll update it as soon as possible because they are simple issues.

    They can spawn each others wings? You shouldn't give them the entity permission.
  12. Can't you just sell the feather? And put them into a shop?
  13. I'm not looking to be able to sell wings. What I'm currently looking for is the ability for users to create wings and have them only spawnable by them. Players are able to create wings and delete other's wings. On my server this plugin is currently being used as simply custom wing creation for everyone to use, admin or not.

    I still want the ability for players to give each other the wing toggle item, but not the ability to spawn and remove other peoples wings.
  14. I think he means to make user specific wings, so people can only access which wings theyve made. Or make it so that when you make a new wing pair you get the perm automatically added to them.
  15. Yeah i got it now. So you want a own wings building gui? I could do that...
  16. I think having a GUI would be way more convenient to use than in-game commands. However, giving the option to still use /bwings leftwing [name] should still be an option for players who already have existing banners.

    Here is a good example of a good banner wing designer, instead of using in-game commands.
    If you need any clarification, tell me.

    Main Menu

    Page Selection

    Wing Creator

    Wing Editor

    Wing Designer (This is NOT an original GUI, it is from a plugin called BannerBuilder)
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  17. Not really a building, but a gui that shows what wings the player has made specific to that player. If you make a economy aspect of allowing players to sell their wings for a certain amount of money thatd be awesome.
  18. =O WHAT PLUGIN IS THAT?! it makes bannermaker and bwings combined??!?!
  19. This is unfortunately a non-functional GUI that I made using ChestCommands. BannerBuilder is a completely separate plugin.