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  1. Hey, i search a plugin that automaticly generate a ID when i ban anyone. Like hypixel. Who know something?
  2. I'm not sure, But you can probably do something like that with AdvancedBans I'm not sure tho. Let me know if that works for you cause I'm looking for the same kind of thing!
  3. based on the information he lists under "todo"
    • ID-Variable for bans / kicks / mutes in banlist & check
    I'd say it currently can't do it yet.
  4. I see that, I just added him on skype to ask him if he can maybe make that version for me I'd pay
  5. In theory it shouldn't be too hard, they use MySQL, so the unique ID of the row for that ban might be able to get returned as a @result;
    allowing his plugin to update the ban msg with the %mysql.uniqueid, which in effect then is the unique id for that ban.
  6. I don't know how to use MySQL tho
    If you want to make a tutorial video then PM me the link then please do so :D
  7. My point was more that I can imagine it might not be too difficult for him to implement ~ but it's just one way, i hope he replies and is able to update his plugin.
  8. i know, but If you show me how to do that MySQL thing then I can do that for now, Or maybe try it yourself to see if it works
  9. He isn't accepting my skype request....
  10. Nothing I can do about that :p
  11. I just hope he can update his plugin like right now, Also his strawpoll, Do you have a VPN? if so keep going on diff IP's and vote ID and DATE one :D :p :DDD
  12. Why can't you use LiteBans?
  13. That doesn't have Ban ID DUH!
  14. I have setup a secret code system like this? Player gets code when he deed banned screen and on the appeal website it Will check the code. If its wrong you cannot appeal.

    You mean this?
  15. I personally wouldnt' mind when we /ban or /banip that it automatically adds the #uniqueid to the banmsg.
    Not manually.
  16. Actually, If you want to get IDS with your punishments, Just add
    MySQL setup and after that add make a eNum file which will collect all the information and will add IDs on the punishment, Its way too much easy as you can think, Just around 8-10 lines of code.

  17. This is what I'm wondering what they're talking about now, their explanation was extremely confusing...

    Similar to CubeCraft's banning system "If you'd like to appeal, use this code while registering an appeal\n#028572"
    Then a PHP system will check the MySQL database for the ID, get the users information, ip, usernames, reasons, etc. for the thread, or for staff to review, or similar.
  18. The coding for this is really simple and easy actually can be done within a few minutes.
    I'm able to create this kind of code but I do require payment and mySQL or PhP my Admin's details in order to get it working and merging it up with your/other plugin.

  19. #SelfPromotionMuch

    If you're looking for something that'll look into Enjin/XenForo/Mybb/etc, no @BabyDoekoes .
    You'll have to code this yourself, (not that difficult of a project), or order it from someone (as said before, not that difficult...)
    this type of project is worth probably $5-$10-$25 if you're able to hire someone from the services thread (Wouldn't suggest the people self promoting themselves everywhere... ^^^)

    If you're familiar with any Java code, I suggest you check out this series by PogoDev as it's him creating a punishment plugin with MySQL and PHP API Support!
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