Base plugins: Custom Public ones?

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Base plugins, Custom vs Public

  1. Almost all Custom

  2. Public plugins

  1. So these days I'm working on an important Minecraft network that should open within months ( :p ) and I decided to start everything from custom plugins, "We will have more control over the network" I thought, of course there will be some public plugin like World Edit.

    Now I ask you, what do you think about my decision and, if you have enough time, do you prefer almost all custom or base plugins like Essentials?
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  2. Everything is of course nicer with custom plugins, but if you want to save time it'd be better to just use Essentials etc.
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  3. Of course I forgot to mention the free time part :)
  4. My philosophy is to make everything custom that interacts with the common player. So world edit and world guard are fine because they don't change the game experience, essentials is fine too for admin online commands but as soon as the plugin is important for the gameplay I create a custom one. Only exception for me was Citizens, of which I might create a custom packet only async version in the future.
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