Standalone Bash External Backup Script 1.0

Upload a backup of your server on an external FTP server

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    Bash External Backup Script - Upload a backup of your server on an external FTP server

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  2. Awesome, can you add that it will delete file older than 30 day ?
  3. I will see
  4. Look into logrotate for that ;)
  5. Sorry but last month i have some problem whit school...but this week i will implement this feature
  6. dtm

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    Any further development on that?
  7. kill_da_trolls


    Does this support SFTP transfers or only FTP?
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  8. I tested this, and it doesn't name the file with the date.
  9. Sorry but i have problem whit ftp connection and i don't know why
    I haven't tried whit sftp but i don't think
    I will fix it tomorrow
  10. Okay, thanks .
  11. SFTP protocol will be implemented in next version
    Problem solved check new update
  12. Awesome, Thanks!
  13. Just tested it, now it says could not create file

    Tar Complete
    Could not create file.
    External Backup Complete
    Localy backup removed
  14. CHMOD of file?
    Can you show me file? (hide user data)
  15. Oh ya, I am so dumb sometimes, forgot to set the perm to 777 -.- Thanks ;)
  16. Fail, it still gives me the error, one sec I'll send upload a pic
  17. @CaptainEnderDude there's a nice edit button for a reason.. :p
    Nice script, I'm using my own though but it looks like it. maybe add multiple file uploads? like for networks, having 6 separate scripts for 6 servers is just messy imo.
  18. Personaly i prefer i script for server and a script like this
    Code (Text):
    beacuse i can manage single backup of server...but i will see if implement if on future version...
    Try whit new udpate