Bash script to rsync plugins adds ? to end of file extension

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by ssamjh, May 16, 2016.

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    Hey there guys, I am trying to make an automated system that copies the latest jar file from a directory on my server on each restart. Meaning I only have to update one jar each time a plugin updated.

    I used to use simlinks but it meant I ran into some issues. So I wanted to move to this.
    I have also tried using cp instead of rsync - same issue. I also have tried specifying the full output folder, same issue.

    OS is Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

    EDIT: Just found out all the jars except WorldGuard have a '?' on the end of them that my file transfer client doesn't show.

    You can see the script here

    When I use that script all the files appear to be invalid as shown here (and the error when I try to open/download a jar)

    But when I run the contents of that script file in my console with putty it works fine like this

    There is no errors in the console and I run the script using
    Code (Text):
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  2. Adding ? at the end of the files might be a glitch with nano. Use vim or install dos2unix and use it on the script.
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    Got it working, thanks for the help.
    (was discussed more on discord)
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