Spigot Basic authenticator 1.0

Another authentication plugin for servers that may need it

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    Basic authenticator - Another authentication plugin for servers that may need it

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  2. useless
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  3. For you maybe, but some people have offline mode servers who actually need something like this.....
  4. Hi! It seems to work well. But it does not work on java 7. I think you compiled it using java 8? Most of the online hosts use 7 and im getting the error 52.0 thing.

    Also, On login it is a little buggy. The character hovers in the air and keeps going higher and higher. Or it is completely dark and everything is black.
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  5. yeah, sorry about that, I was trying to make it so they don't soffocate (unless i removed that code).....
    but it teleports them to the "world spawn" which is generally at layer 68, so yeah I have no idea why they'd hover.
    also I'll make a release with java 7, when I can

    Maybe thats why they're floating
  6. Thats alright. :) Its an interesting bug because for me, they keep floating higher and higher. Like endlessly. Suppose i dont log in and directly log out. It saves my position high in the air. Next time I log in quickly, i'm teleported to the point in the air and fall to my death. :p Maybe you can add an config option to toggle off all the teleporting to and from spawn? so people can just log in at whatever point they logged off at? Until these bugs are identified and fixed.
  7. The problem with a config setting to do that would be that if they left inside a nether portal, then they'd be stuck, forever, or until tped out
  8. Fro


    Not sure yet if someone had asked yet, but the passwords are visible when typing. If i have someone around me, they may see my password. Is it possible to add **** instead of the actual password?