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  1. I have a config file that looks like:

    Code (Text):

    damage.drowning    = false
    damage.entity      = false        = false
    damage.fall        = false
    damage.falling_block = false
    damage.projectile    = true
    I'm trying to access the values via:

    Code (Text):
    public void onEnable()
         FileConfiguration config = getConfig();

         if( config.getBoolean("damage.projectile") == false) {
             System.out.println("no projectile damage");
    but when I run the server with my plugin, I see "no projectile damage", indicating that the value of damage.projectile was "true" when it was read in.

    Am I using the config file framework correctly?
  2. That's not how YAML works, you can read an explanation here. Also, for the if statement, you do not need to put == false, or == true in that case. If you just use the config#getBoolean it returns a boolean and if it's true the method will run. If you want it to run when it's false, use !config#getBoolean, that'll basically reverse the true requirement to false.
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  3. What language are you trying to use? The config you are making uses yaml which is formatted like this
    Code (YAML):
    damage_drowning: false
    : false
    : false
    : false
    : false
    : true
    Also "." is a section in yaml. For example "damage.entity" would look like
    Code (YAML):
    : int
    But "damage_entity" would be
    Code (YAML):
    damage_entity: int
    Also also, FileConfiguration doesn't work just like that. If you want to keep it simple just use "#getConfig" -- Read the docs
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  4. Sorry for the bone-headed questions. You're right -- a little reading goes a long, long way. I was trying to learn from decompiling other plugins, and I shouldn't have.

    Everything works AOK. Thanks.
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