Spigot Bat AntiAura [BETA] 1.5

An Killaura detector plugin

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    Bat AntiAura [BETA] - An Killaura detector plugin

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  2. The one flaw i see. Some players might try to hit the bats
  3. I haven't downloaded it but I might see some flaws or it may cause confusion. First off, if you aren't already make the bats invisible, and secondly, try to change the bats into fake player entities. The reason why you should change bats into fake player entities is that in some hack clients, there IS an option to have your kill aura only hit players or only hit mobs.
  4. It wasn't possible for me to hit 4 of them, people could get 3 of them...
    The check time is going to be configurable, if you make it 15 ticks, players can't hit them but hackers will (Tested)
    I'm still searching for a way to spawn those NPC's....
  5. I don't think I'll use this plugin, but I see a lot of potential with it!

    My suggestion would be something like...
    At a specified time ex:
    How long the server has been up for.
    If player count = {Variable} [Something like max players to start] [BungeeCord servers before it starts]
    Amount of time... On player join event (I'd say after 5 seconds or so as some players lag and are floating for a bit before they're 100% in game)

    So... get all the players and run it automatically. If you could make that, I see a lot of people that would use this plugin as well as networks. I probably would too if there happened to be a lot of issues in regards to it.

    If you really want to go in depth... have it hook onto other plugins such as a game start event ex: Survival/ Hunger Games. However most don't let you move so it could give false positives.

    Anyways best of luck and keep up the amazing work! :D
  6. Thanks for the advice,

    I've already added the check a few seconds after login and I want to check after pvp fights as well!
    I'm now trying to change the spawn mechanism, so Huzuni, Latemod and Cicada get triggered as well.
    (Only if the entity has been rendered for.. Seconds)

    I've spoken to several admins from large networks, (Can't give names) who have given me some really usefull advice :)

    I'll try to hook in to some other Plugins :)
  7. Ooo awesome! I might test it on my network considering it has the x second after the player login and see how it goes.
    I'll give you feedback if you'd like and only use it for specific servers and have those in beta testing.
  8. I'll add the update today
  9. Please place the bats around the player!
  10. They should be?
  11. i tried this and catched a hacker and a non-hacker (tempbanned) and after do /ac all, bats are spawning randomly on people heads is normal? is not one time-check? and is possible remove 3 bats ban?
  12. Non hackers can impossibly hit all 4 Bats, you are able to hit 3 of them if you're really focusing on killing them, but normal players don't know when it checks...

    If you do /ac all, it doesn't check all players at the same time.
    It will test 2 players each second. To prevent lagg for servers with 200 players... (Spawning 800 bays at the same time...)
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  13. i just run that command yesterday /ac all and today a player was banned for that and player are complaining they continue to see bats over they head, you are sure?
  14. It checks automatically every... Seconds (See the config)
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  15. I would be like make these bats invisible if possible, anyway good job with this and for clarifing it :) and how i disable 3 bat check?
  16. Just remove all commands from config for hitting 3 Bats
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  17. Bug report: make the bats invulnerable by creeper and tnt explosion, becasue if it explode it kill bats and you will get autoban