BATIM in Minecraft!

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Would you like Bendy to be COOP, and do you like the idea of it?

  1. I like the idea, yet i don't want COOP.

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  2. I hate the idea! (if so, why?)

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  3. I love the idea, and i want COOP!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    You might have noticed that i wasn't active in the past couple of months (due to University and the project i'm discussing); mainly because i haven't updated MaintenanceMode (ehm @BrettplayMC) being so caught up in the BATIM project.

    What's BATIM you might ask? Well; a couple of months ago; theMeatly released a new indie game; adventurous - horror type called 'Bendy and the Ink Machine', you can read more about it here. When i first saw the game, and actually played it, i've got so attached to it that my room is full of Bendy posters now, and have gotten the idea to implement Bendy in Minecraft.

    How you might ask? With the help of a plugin I created (arena enums and such) and a texture pack i've done, along with a custom map made; i was able to recreate the same game in Minecraft, with the same sounds and such. This is a real advancement in my plugin-coding career since i've never coded based on texture packs and custom maps.

    If you're wondering if i'm going to release the game on Spigot, you're damn right i am. It'll be a free plugin, along with a custom map and the texture pack included.

    How will the game work? I have thought a lot about this question and came to a conclusion; Bendy will operate on both per server game, and per arena game. You have the option to make it bungeecord (one player, one game, one server), or arena based (other games on the server along with Bendy, yet only one player can play at a time). Additionally, i have thought of adding COOP to the game (multiplayer), but i'll leave that for you to decide, as two players on the same map instead of one. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are included in the plugin (Chapter 3 is yet to be released by theMeatly, and coding it can take up to a week or two based on how long the chapter is).

    Why are you recreating the same game in Minecraft? theMeatly have done exceptional work in the development of Bendy, and the idea seems crazy. I want this gamemode to be known to everybody, players loving the idea of a slight horror and adventure game in Minecraft; specially on servers.

    Release date?
    I'm planning the release during this Summer, probably late June; early July.

    Can we see some spoilers? You sure can! I'll be updating this thread regularly with updates i do to Bendy:


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  2. Update Log 0.1

    Created the main hall for the map, in chapter 1. The following two images is one from Minecraft, and another from the real game. Any ideas on how to improve it/add something?


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  3. I dont really like too much the floor texture. also the room seems a bit too big and the projector is far too big. try... something. like an item frame or so.