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  1. Waiting for some of the good suggestion posted here to come out and you are now saying you need suggestions to make bigger updates? WTF, first complete this what you already said you will try to implement… Looks like I will never buy this plugin, because it will probably come out a plugin that has more future and better, more active dev...
  2. Many things that have been suggested have been added, but some are too big for what I have time to now. Find it disrespectful that you want to find a more active dev, when I respond to most messages within max 24 hours and usually within an hour. I update the plugin every weekend and is one of the most active single developers on this site.
  3. Can you point out any suggestions here that I haven’t added and isn’t free battlepass? Because I’m looking through the discussions now and can’t find anything that I have said I’m adding and haven’t, except free battlepass.
  4. Thanks, any other suggestions in pms on spigot or dms on discord would be highly appreciated.
  5. sure thing, i pm whenever i think of something :)
  6. JavaDebug updated BattlePass - Customizable, Challenging & Fun with a new update entry:

    Version: 1.2.18 - Additions

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  7. hi, i want to be able to change the weeks name. but i cant please can you somehow change it so i can? thanks
  8. In the config.yml you can edit the week item under ChallengeWeeks.
    Code (YAML):
    : 0
    : '&d&lWeek %week%'
          - ''
          - '&7Current Week
    : &d%week%'
          - '&7Status
    : &d&l%status%'
          - ''
          - '&7&o((&f&oRight-Click&7&o to view week))'
  9. Bought this plugin, still not downloadable after about 30 minutes wait time...
  10. Your payment is pending and has not gone through. This might be because you payed with a credit card. It might take up to 7 business days for you to receive the product.
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  11. will you update to 1.14? we are looking at updating our server to 1.14 but want to make sure all plugins are comparable before updating.. if we buy yours we want to be assured we can still update to 1.14 and use this
    thanks for your time
  12. You can expect 1.14 support in the next update
  13. I really want to buy it. . .
    But as I saw it
    You don't seem to mention support for mythicmobs?
    I am an RPG server. To be honest, the current features are not particularly helpful for me.
    Can you add support for mythicmobs in the next release? I really need it.
    It would be better if you could add "Get the number of items containing the specified Lore"
  14. Currently this is not planned, but ill add it to my board for future updates. Right now im focusing in 1.14 support
  15. Try contacting the developer of the CustomOreGen plugin, because my plugin has nothing to do with how that plugin manipulated the blocks.
  16. Hey !

    One of me player gave me an idea :

    Allow customers to made two versions of the Pass ( for basic player we give the free version, with less challenges, less rewards,and they can buy the normal version to have all the pass, like in fortnite )
    I don't know if you understand, let me know ^^
  17. This has been requested uncountable times, so I'm thinking about it, just currently I'm quite busy with other projects.
  18. this is going to need an update if you are not already aware


    I literally come on here to suggest what you just talked about above, to give an option to complete a list of challenges for free

    I also have another suggestion:

    An option to only allow them to complete 1 challenge per day, instead of the points system.

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