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  1. As of now I only plan to do Christmas sales
  2. JavaDebug updated BattlePass - Customizable, Challenging & Fun with a new update entry:

    Changes and bug fixes...

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  3. JavaDebug updated BattlePass - Customizable, Challenging & Fun with a new update entry:

    Improvements, new challenge and fixes...

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  4. So the battlepass like system should reward players that don't want to spend money on it. But the current system works only for players that gets the permission. I'm wondering if you could add an option to make challanges open so everybody can level up the battlepass but only with X perm, they can get premium rewards and also make option for non-premium rewards?

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  5. thats a very good idea gozdni i recommend it and btw love that gui!
  6. I have gotten this request many times and i personally think this is a very nice gui. I have now chosen to add a free battlepass as well, but it will not happen any time soon. This will likely not happen until I am done with school in July, due to school consuming most of my time. I will work on this slowly, but surly. This might come earlier, but right now I'm working on big things in the background for you spigot users.
  7. it would be more great if u remove the permission and make it a currency like vbucks so player can get that currency and buy the next battle pass too!
  8. There is no permission, therefor that system can be easily added in by a 3rd party plugin. Maybe I’ll make a free resource.
  9. yea please add a currency to buy battle pass so we can give the vbucks to player when they are mining agree if you like my idea
  10. @JavaDebug If you set amount in rewards to the same number, it does not show the rewards, could you fix this? Because after 64 reward you need to set the amount to 65, 66, 67 and minecraft does not show this numbers and it just says 64. So I want every reward to be at the amount of 1, becuse the only option I have now, is to start with 64.

    And could you also make an option for daily challenges? It could work almost same as weekly but instead of determineing on which day (week) X challenge will be, it could just select 3 random (default 3 and in config option to set how many would you want) challenges every day.

    And what's the point of battle pass progression menu? It only shows barriers?
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  11. The progression menu shows a challenge once it's started. So if you have 1/10 on a challenge it will show up there. More people prefer it to be 64 after it has reached 64. Also, daily challenges might be added in the future, it's been noted. I am currently working on a support discord, website and thread designs. So there won't be an update this week. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. That's fine if they want to set it to 64+ but I'm wondering why I can't set more rewards with same amount?

    Oh ok, that makes sense somehow, if was more thinking it was showing your completed challanges :D

    But can you make an option to disable few messages, like the one with challenges progression that spams the chat?

    But I have still few bug reports, some are really critical:

    Collect, mine and build challenges works with same blocks/items, so with collect you can pick up item throw it out, pick up it again, and repeat this as many time as you need. Same with mine and build.

    And when you start the challenge the first message is shown 2 times.

  13. I would recommend reading the config, you can change progression messages. This is done in config.yml ChallengeSettings -> progressMessagePercentages, if you set this to for instance only 100% it will only show progress when it's completed.

    These fixes are very complex to code. It's not impossible but it would require a great amount of storage. There is something that semi-fixes the mining and building challenge. It's in config.yml under ChallengeSettings -> miningChallengeSilkTouchProgress. If this is set to true it will give progress if someone mines with silktouch, if it' set to false it will not give progress. As of now, there are no good fixes for any of these challenges. If you do one, I would recommend you contact me through discord or spigot pms and ill look into it asap.
  14. Oh ok.
  15. please make vbucks currency
  16. You could just use any "premium" currency plugin and rename it into vbucks?
  17. Thanks, looks like it has been taken down.
  18. Awesome. They get on that quick!
    I got your message and accepted your request on discord :)
  19. Haha, it isn't a leak of your plugin it is my plugin 100% programmed to my self, I meant to make it premium but accidentially made it public for free hence why it was deleted as I submitted several hundread reports xD WAS NOT A LEAK of ur plugin so please don't say that so don't claim that a plugin is yours or is yours that has been leaked becuase it has the same concept.