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  1. what exactly are you wanting to do with mythicmobs and this plugin? there may be other ways to achieve what you need.
  2. I am making an RPG server
    I use the creature created by mythicmobs as a mob
    I want to make some, kill the mobs of the specified mythicmobs
    If a similar plugin, ClueScrolls can also fulfill my requirements, but I don't want to use it now.
  3. that would definitely need to be coded to hook with mythicmobs and would be a nice feature for battlepass. The more hooks with other popular plugins like this would only make the value of battlepass better. Hopefully the dev will consider adding this.
  4. I will be releasing a bigger content update in 2 weeks. I will start updating the plugin less, but more features and fixes.
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  5. looks cool, but have you updated placeholderapi support yet? i didnt see anything in updates
  6. This will be included in the big update
  7. Hey its me again! i have a new suggestion to make :). I would love to see an option in the MOBKILLING challenge. In this option in the config you can set a certain weapon you need to kill the mobs with for exaple: bow, diamond sword, fist, explosion.


    1. type: MOBKILLING
    2. variable: ZOMBIE
    3. challengeName: 'Zombie Hunter'
    4. item: SPAWNER
    5. data: 0
    6. weapon: Diamond Sword
    Kind regards,
  8. Thanks for the suggestion
  9. can you please add a challenge that you must visit a certain area?
  10. working on a big update, you can expect this
  11. JavaDebug updated BattlePass - Customizable, Challenging & Fun with a new update entry:

    Version: 1.2.20 - Big Update, more coming soon....

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  12. I bought this plugin and he is very good, but a suggestion would be to add a way to put reward in GUI and not jus by commands. Nice plugin bro.
  13. Could you please rephrase that.
  14. a way that the player gives the /reward (name) command, for example, and with that will open a GUI where you put the items you want from that tier, then just go to the rewards.yml folder and the commands part or another part, put the /reward (name) command, so whenever the player arrives in that tier, he will receive the reward saved in that command and in the GUI
  15. How about setting an option for the npcinteract type, so that you can interact only once with the same npc? o:
  16. This will be coming soon
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  17. Is there a variable for a playtime challenge?
  18. The playtime challenge hasn’t been released yet.
  19. When i add a challenge in the Challenges.yml
    I still get a error..