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  1. Hello all, thanks to some recent criticism about one of my reviews of a server that I use and work for, I will write an review about another company I have used. hosting is really decent. Their staff and services are overall well rounded. Prices for premium services are a little high but, for the service they are appropriate.

    They have 2 separate services for customers to purchase. They have both budget and advanced minecraft servers with different features. They also offer vps units.

    I have not personally used their vps units, however their minecraft servers have almost no latency from where I was at. Their support answered my questions in about 12-13 hours.
    I have not ran into any issues with this host, as all was fairly straight forward. Tho I would not recommend running many plugins on a server below 1 gb. As it will quickly eat up your ram.
    Prices 3.5/5 budget 5/5
    staff support 4/5
    overall server 5/5

    I would also recommend to anyone looking for a server and has a little money to spare.
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    You shouldn't need to mention your craphost in this review... even if you're back at it again with the self-dissing.
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  3. ok one second
  4. What you've done is done, you're just making things worse for yourself now. Accept that you're an idiot and move on, you've already given yourself the reputation of a self advertising rule breaker...