BeastNode vs. BisectHosting

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BeastNode or BisectHosting

  1. BeastNode

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  2. BisectHosting

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  1. Hi, I had been looking around for a server host recently and I am working in a list of server host I can consider. I found out about BisectHosting and people say they are really good. But there is also BeastNode which is a large company. If you guys had first hand experiences with these hosts, please tell me if they are good or bad.
  2. Clovux sent me an offer, 4x1gb servers with 1x512mb server for bungee. I already put the on my list but I want to know about BeastNode and BisectHosting.
  3. I did purchase from BisectHosting but their prices are not the best but the support and the quality is good. Still Clovux is better, I host from there and I am having no lag at all. Simple and Amazing Quality. I can give you a test look. Private Message me to see pictures or give me your Skype so I can share my screen and you will see how fast and amazing it is.
    - Dawidperez
  4. I heard good reviews about bisecthosting but maybe give the host in my signature a shot if you want.
  5. Did you look at Clovux?
  6. Did Clovux sponsor you? Because you seam to love it a lot… :p
  7. No, They did not sponsor me but I am trying to tell you that they are the best hosting, They are new and they need to grow
  8. I've used Beastnode for more than a year. Solid hardware and I've had really good performance and almost zero downtime. I definitely recommend their services. No idea about BisectHosting though.
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  9. I know, I already considered Clovux.
  10. I've been using BisectHosting for a while now, mainly because you can pay with PaySafeCard, and I'm pretty satisfied. Never experienced a downtime. Only thing I found is that modpacks are soooo annoying to install unless you pay a bit more, but there's a good guide on how to do it on their support page (not sure how you install them on BeastNode). It's up to you which way you go, just try one and if you're not satisfied, switch to the other.
  11. I'd personally go with BeastNode, not that I've used them my selves but have heard great things about them.

    I also like how they don't use OVH for their servers (they use SingleHop which many larger servers use!) :p
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  12. Both Bisect and Beastnode are going to provide a fantastic service. I've used both in the past, and I recommend them if we can't fulfill specific needs, locations, or budgets.
  13. Bisecthosting is the best and will always be ! :D
  14. Just go for the host I said. You can get your own domain from freedom
  15. Freenom* and you are basically advertising your own host in a damn thread... And $4 is ripoff
  16. I actually own Clovux, not @dawidperez
    He just purchased a server from us and is going a little overboard with recommending us I think. He wasn't asked to post this.
    Working it out with him now though, apologies for any annoyance this caused :)
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  17. Well from what he says, your service seems good. :p
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  18. Good.

    And in my opinion, both have the same specs and prices for premium/budget MC, but with BeastNode and budget hosting they still do use SSDs, unlike BisectHosting

    Haven't used either so can't say much.