Premium BeastSpawners [Paid]

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  1. KikiCro26 submitted a new resource:

    BeastSpawnerLevelUp - Level up your spawners to unlock the access

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  2. Hello, I buy ressource and understand Are functioning for player
  3. Do you plan to add new features?
    1. Firework and title shown on level up?
    2. Add a way to edit the mob names
    3. Can we add any mob we want from the entity list? Like vindicator.
    4. Add different ways to level up.
  4. Nice Plugin, but no 1.8 Support?
  5. I'm not sure if I plan to buy this but for the sake of helping, I recommend adding support for MythicalMobs or other mob spawning plugins, MythicalMobs seems to be the best and most popular and active one out there. Maybe tie this into WorldSchematics2 if possible, like I said, haven't used this so it might be compatible. Maybe add a separate option system of upgrades for defense purposes, for example, you could upgrade the spawners rate, mobs, all through upgrading so it can attack enemies but not the "owner" of said spawner nor can the "owner" of the spawner kill the mobs, a trusted player system for this would also be nice. This could be useful for factions or survival related servers. Just a few ideas to make this more useful, right now it's too specific and limited to these ideas that not many people would be too interested in it unless they specifically need this, at least in my opinion.