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  1. I created an at-home spigot server so that I can use voxelsniper to build stuff. The server is running fine, but I can't use commands because I'm not an OP. I've tried editing the ops.json file, but it doesn't seem to work. I don't know how to open the console, and typing the command in chat doesn't work. I'm on version 1.15.1, with no plugins installed yet.
    I apologize in advance for not knowing what I'm doing, I'm very new to this sorta thing and I have zero experience in the java language.
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    If you can't manage to get it working by editing the ops file, you can also op players through console (/op). Also, it is recommended to use a permissions plugin and sort out the perms instead of relying on op.
  3. I don't know how to open the console, I've tried a few different things but nothing seems to work.
    What kind of permissions plugins are there? I've never heard of those kinds of things.
  4. How are you starting the server? If you are running a start.bat or script to run the server, a black or white console should appear that has a lot of text. After the server has fully loaded you should be able to type

    op <your name>
  5. I'm starting the server by going to 'direct access' with the ip 'localhost'. there doesn't seem to e a 'start.bat' or '' file in the folder.

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  6. When you click the run file to start the server, what pops up?

    Also, contact me on Discord, I can help you resolve the issue more quickly.
  7. (I assume you mean run.bat) The console starts up for a split second before closing itself
  8. This may mean the run.bat has wrong arguments as it isn't loading.
    Right click Run.bat and click "Edit". Then send us what's inside there.
    While at it, make sure you have installed
    - Java
    and added it into your PATH as a system variable (This may not be needed tho, try it without this first then if it doesn't work then add it).

    Send the Run.bat contents and tell us how much memory you would like in your server(in GB). (I'm sure this server is computer-hosted, so watch your computer RAM and think about the other things you may run other than Minecraft and the server, to make sure your computer does not overwork)
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    It's definitely installed, as he said in the beginning the server was running.

    OP, open the run.bat with Notepad and go to the very bottom. Hit enter to go to a new line and put pause then save it and run it. That will stop the window from closing so you can see what's going on.
  10. WHY AM I SO BLIND :(
  11. As it turns out after further investigation with the user there where multiple issues occurring.

    First, Java was not properly installed. Somehow it would run when he'd double click the bat file but the console would daemonize. So we installed JRE 8 and tried again, this time the console appeared when we had the correct version of java running but there where other issues and errors causing the server to crash. Ultimately, there where multiple issues that all compounded into one large cluster fork of problems that caused this server to moan with sorrow.
  12. Bruh is there really a need to dramatise this lmao, but just load the server and tell us any issues.
  13. No drama, just some added flair. I like to think of my self as an amateur creative writer. I can't really tell what it was that you thought was over dramatic however. Maybe the moan with sorry part? Idk.