Spigot BedrockBreaker 1.1

Break bedrock with a diamond pickaxe!

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    BedrockBreaker - Break bedrock with a diamond pickaxe!

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  2. is this meant to be "Bungee - Bukkit" ??
  3. Hello,

    This is for bukkit.

  4. Omnivion


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  5. Appreciate the advice!
  6. @Coderlicious if this is bukkit and not bungee
    then change this to "Bukkit - Tools and Utilities"
  7. You saw nothing xD
  8. will players be able to break all the bedrock and just fall into the void? or can a limit be set where the last layer of bedrock cannot be broken?
  9. Question/Request
    1. A certain permission/config/whatever to only allow mining bedrock ABOVE Height 0 (to flatten the bedrock, but not make deathtraps)
    2. "Impossible Requirements" needed to mine bedrock (for example Efficiency 6)

    both would be nice additions to make useful on my server ^^
  10. Hello,

    Thank you for the suggestions, I will take a look at these now and see implement them in the best way possible to meet your needs.

    I will of course make these additions adjustable in a config as well. :)