Spigot BedrockMiner 1.3.1

Allows silk touch pickaxes to mine bedrock

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    BedrockMiner - Allows silk touch pickaxes to mine bedrock

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  2. Is there a way to config it so it takes longer to mine it? I like this plugin alot but it insta breaks the bedrock and only has a 5 second stop time. Could you please increase the time of mining it or the wait time to mine another block? :D
  3. can you make it so they cant mine the bedrock at y leve 5-6 and the nether roof?
  4. Does this support factions if it does Awesome but please tell me before I start basing things around this or update it to support it :D
  5. I'm still trying my best to try implement it, school is mostly getting in the way.
  6. OK :)
  7. Also if/when you get around to it you should have config options to set what pickaxes can be used and how long it takes to mine bedrock :)
  8. Can you please add support for FactionsUUID?
  9. In what way?
  10. You currently only added support for Factions not FactionsUUID. The plugin always looks for Factions and when it doesn't find it, it causes errors.
  11. Facuuid support and can they mine at y lvl 3?
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    BedrockMiner - 1.3

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  13. does this plugin utilize playerinteractevent. im asking because when you click it will it remove the block automatically, or will it take time to actually mine like a normal block would
  14. It breaks on a single click. I'm not sure how I'd properly imitate a timed mine of bedrock.
  15. And y 1-4 in overworld
  16. Alright, I'll add those now.
  17. aurel85



    Thanks for this plugin is exactly what I was looking for. But is it possible that there is no longer the 5 seconds between each bedrock ?

    And would it be possible that in the nether, the players can not break the bedrock to layer 2-3 ?

    Euh... Why after some time players can break the bedrock even below layer 6 ?

    Thank you in advance !
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